Young AdultsMission Statement:

Mount Zion Christian Church Young Adult Ministry mission is to reach the young adult community between the ages of 18-35. MZCC Young Adult Ministry notices the lack of interest and commitment to Christ in churches all across America and our hopes and desires are to turn back the captive for the Christ and develop a young adult family that is on fire for Christ.


MZCC Young Adult Ministry has lots of goals that we intend on accomplishing through the young adult ministry. The following listed are just some:

  • Witness to the lost
  • Develop Disciples for Christ
  • Create greater involvement in the community
  • Become the change we want to see in the world
  • Have FUN!!!

Young AdultsAreas of Ministry:

  • Campus Ministry (Witnessing, Bible Studies, etc.)
  • Witness Teams (Neighborhoods, Malls, etc.)
  • Young Adult Service
  • Recreation/Open Gym Nights (Zumba, Basketball, etc.)
  • Social Outing and Gatherings (Bowling, Movie, Board Games, etc.)
  • College Sunday/First Time Visitor Sunday
  • Young Adult Praise Team
  • Young Adult Dance Team
  • Open Mic Night
  • Various Fundraisers
  • Young Adult Conference
  • Mission Trips
  • Young Adult Retreats


 Expectations of Volunteers:

Young Adults TwoMZCC Young Ministry understands that in order for the mission and goals to be accomplished we need a TEAM, yes TEAM. No one person can reach the masses without the helping hands and dedication of people who choose to sacrifice their time and energy to advance the kingdom of God. We understand that all who are wanting to be apart of this initiative will be volunteer, however we want volunteers who are truly dedicated and committed to the cause. With that being said the following are expectations of being a volunteer:

  • To keep God first in all that we say and do
  • Respect delegated authorities
  • Respect each other’s opinions and ideas
  • Constantly keep a positive attitude on things
  • Bind doubt and always exercise faith
  • Solve conflicts and issues in a Godly manner
  • Remember we are a TEAM and it takes UNITY
  • Be consistent in your commitment to volunteering
  • Operate in a spirit of excellence
  • Be willing to offer a helping hand when needed
  • Practice what we preach
  • Attend meetings, fundraisers, and events

As volunteers of MZCC Young Adult Ministry, we reserve the right to ask one to leave the team if your involvement takes away from the mission, goals, or expectations. We desire to operate in excellence at all times and display character that’s reflective of Christ.

Contact: for more information or questions concerning Mount Zion Christian Church Young Adult Ministry.