MissionaryDo you feel that your calling in life is to be full time ministry? Is your passion for souls to be saved? Do you have that zeal to advance the Kingdom of God?

Well If any of those questions resonate in your spirit to be you, Mount Zion Christian Church Missionary Teams are the place for you to foster and grow in Christ and fulfill your God ordained calling upon your life!

Typical MZCC missionaries commit to one, two or three years to evangelism and outreach ministry which includes evangelism crusades, door to door witnessing, visitation of the sick and shut in and any other area of need at Mount Zion. Both Men and Women have found this commitment to missionary work to be one of the most fulfilling experiences spiritually in their walk with Christ!

Other Aspects of Missionary Teams:

Bullhorns are used to preach the gospel throughout the city streets, shopping malls, downtown, heavily traveled intersections, parades, etc.

Tel-Evangelism – Telephones are used to make calls to people that might not open doors to witnessing teams. As persons are witnessed to, a home visit is made to follow up and assist with any needs.

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